Web Design - Optional Features

Any of the following features can be added to your website, for an additional charge :-

Photo Galleries - £99

If you're a club or society then you can have a dedicated section of your website devoted to photos. They can be split by category, have comments, can be downloaded, be part of a slide show and, if required, you can have a 'private' section only available to members who need to login to your site.

Newsletters - £99

If you're a club or society then you can have a section where you can upload, store and download Newsletters, Minutes, Agendas or any other type of file.

Membership Fees - £99

If you're a club or society then membership / subscription fees could be collected through your website.

Charity Giving - £99

If you're a Charity then you can have a section where people can donate with all donations going into a specific bank account - e.g. PayPal.

Events Registration - £99

Can have the facility for people / guests / members to sign up to events / functions if interested.

Forums - £99

Members can post questions etc. for other members or yourself / staff to respond to.  Having a Forum is a good way of keep ing your site active and therefore helps with search engine rankings.

Blogs - £99

Keep all your current and any future customers updated via your own business Blog.  Build up a loyal following and then when you have a special offer, announce it on your Blog to inform all your followers immediately.

Customer Data Capture - £99

Whatever you're selling, whether it's products or services, having the ability to capture customer information is vital in today's competitive market place.

On-line Shop - Basic - £499

If you sell a handful of products / services then it makes sense to allow your customers to do this via your website.  We can install a simple / basic shop for you where you can manage all your products, prices, photos, descriptions, postage costs etc.  Example Basic Shop.

e-Commerce - Advanced - £1,200 - see our separate e-Commerce section

If you sell a large number (50+) of products / services then our fully functional e-Commerce system is for you.