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Search Engine Optimisation

You've got a great looking website, your online shop is open for business, but are you getting enough customers?

  1. Is your website being found by your potential customers?
  2. Do you rank higher than your competitors on Google?
  3. Are you getting enough sales from your website?

If you've answered "NO" to any of the above questions, then you should be talking with us.

Stages of Search Engine Optimisation

There are 3 stages which must be accomplished, and in the correct sequence, for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to work effectively.  These are highlighted below :-

  1. Key Phrase Analysis
  2. On Page SEO - applying your appropriate Key Phrases to your website pages in an optimised way.
  3. Link Building / Off Page SEO - building a portfolio of good quality, relevant (thematic) links to your website

1. Key Phrase Analysis

We will help you to identify your key phrases which relate to the product or service your business is selling.  Unless the correct key phrases are used in stage 2, there is little point to SEO.  For example, a business wishes to let potential customers know that it rents sunbeds.  It assumes that the most popular key phrase used by most people would be 'sunbed rental', as this is what they, as a company, call it.  However, when we perform Key Phrase Analysis on 'sunbed rental' we find that hardly anyone searches on this.  Far more people (in fact 10 times as many) actually search on 'sunbed hire' instead. If we didn't perform any Key Phrase Analysis on this particular phrase and then went ahead with stage 2 - On Page SEO - we would be wasting our time as we would be focusing on the wrong key phrase.

2. On Page SEO

Once we've identified our Key Phrases, we can then apply them to the relevant pages / sections of your website.  This is quite a complex and time consuming task and we use specialist tools to help us to achieve the most optimised page for the relevant Key Phrase.

3. Link Building / Off Page SEO

Google put's a great deal of emphasis on sites linking to your own site - in particular, sites which are relevant to yours.  In addition, the higher the Page Rank (P.R.) of the site linking to yours means your site get's more recognition - especially if the site linking to you doesn't have too many outbound links, linking to other websites.

We will build you a link portfolio of good quality, high page ranking links to your website - with a mixture of relevant (thematic) links as well as those which are not relevant.  This is becasue it will look more natural to Google if it is done this way.  

Our Results

We are extremely skilled at getting websites high rankings on Google and other major search engines.  Our results speak for themselves!

Take a look at our SEO table below showing websites we've worked on recently to achieve high Google rankings for our customers :-

Website Name Search Term Position
www.rutlandflyfishing.com fly fishing rutland 3
www.tolethorpe.co.uk tolethorpe cricket
www.pastrotarians.com past rotarians 1
www.chickencoops.org.uk chicken coops 1
www.proactisusergroup.com proactis user group 1
www.itcontractsportal.com it contracts portal 1
www.staybronze.com tanning blanket 4
www.sunshine-sunbeds.co.uk sunbed tubes 4
www.mobile-spray-tanning.co.uk mobile spray tanning leicester
www.footpathcottage.co.uk rutland water stone cottage 1
www.iako.co.uk it's a knockout stamford 1


Our Fees

We do not charge you for our SEO work until you start to see results!  This is unique within the SEO industry as most companies usually charge a monthly fee - with no guarantee of results.

With our Performance Related service, you have the comfort of knowing you'll only pay once you start to receive the benefits of our SEO work.  Our costs will vary depending on the type of your key phrase and how high up on Google you want us to get your website for the particular key phrase.

Geographic Key Phrases

A geographic key phrase is for businesses who offer their products / services to a local town, city or county.  For example "plumbers in stamford", "solicitors in peterborough", "florists in cambridgeshire" etc.

Non-Geographic Key Phrases

These key phrases are not associated geographically and therefore could be searched by anyone within the UK (or indeed the World, although we focus our SEO within the UK).  Businesses will usually (but not always) be selling products (not services) nationally and therefore will want to reach the whole of the UK population.  Our fees are considerably more, as you will be competing with other businesses offering the same product as yours throughout the whole UK and therefore it will take us a lot more time and effort to achieve higher rankings for your chosen key phrases due to much greater competition.  This type of SEO appeals for internet e-commerce companies who are not restricted to selling their products / services in just a local area.  Types of non-geographic key phrases might be "chicken coops", "cross trainers", "sunbed tubes", "hair straighteners" etc.

Key Phrase    Page 1      Position 3       Position 2       Position 1   
Geographic Key Phrase - Price / Month £15 £23 £30 £60
Non Geographic Key Phrase - Price / Month                        £50 £75 £100 £200

We only charge for improving your rankings on Google, therefore if you currently have a key phrase at any of the above positions on Google, we will only start to charge you if these positions are improved upon.

Contract is for 12 months only & starts once we start charging you. 

Make sure your customers find your website!

Contact us today to discuss your Search Engine Optimisation needs.